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HarmonyPad™ "The Ultimate Solution for Menstrual Pain"

HarmonyPad™ "The Ultimate Solution for Menstrual Pain"

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✔ Provides fast relief from cramps and pain

✔ Soothes and relaxes lower back pain

✔ Help enhance Blood circulation

✔ Works instantly

Don't let menstrual cramps ruin your day!

Feeling cramping? Just take out your HarmonyPad™ and let it do its job! It will help you literally everywhere! At work, while travelling or just watching Netflix on your phone!

HarmonyPad™ is always with you, ready to heat!

The slim and foldable design makes HarmonyPad™ fit in every bag. Enjoy the heating pad hands free with it’s comfortable belt.

You control the Pad!

HarmonyPad™ has 3 levels of heating so you get just the perfect temperature and 3 high-frequency vibration. The 1800mAh Battery can keep you 2-5 hours when full power.

Because your friends will want one too!

“Wow, that’s so cool. Where can I get one??” Prepare for that question when you first use HarmonyPad™ in front of your friends. It’s cool and immediately grabs everyone’s attention. They will want one too!

It’s made to last!

HarmonyPad™ is made out of high-quality soft fabric, which is comfortable, light and breathable. This will be the last pad you’ll ever need to buy!

Our Guarantee!

We want to make sure every single one of our customers is 100% satisfied with our product. So if there’s any issues at all, we offer a replacement or refund within the first 30 days of usage.

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