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HomeSyncPro™ - 30% OFF NOW!

HomeSyncPro™ - 30% OFF NOW!

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Transform Your Room!

(30% Off + Free Shipping Ends Midnight!) 
Transform your room into a vibrant HD cinema with the HomeSyncPro™ Projector! Experience a 1080p cinema with built-in speakers at the comfort of your home!

1. Connect

HomeSyncPro™ includes the Android 11.0 version, which allows you to connect any mobile devices, laptops or even consoles. You can either do this via WiFi, Bluetooth or by cable.

2. Align

HomeSyncPro™ comes with a 180° angle projection, which makes it possible to align your screen wherever you want. This allows you to watch in any position you like for example while lying on your bed. You are not limited by your enviroment anymore! 

3. Resize

HomeSyncPro™ automatically corrects the display depending on the angle you are projecting on. You can also choose between three different screen sizes, with 130´´ as the maximum.  

4. Enjoy 

Sit back and enjoy the show with other features like the UHD resolution or an integrated Bluetooth speaker that provides you with the possibility to stream music. Create an realistic atmosphere while watching movies or playing your favourite video game.


Other Technical Data:

Resolution: XGA (1024x 768)

Power: 48W

Color: White

Energy efficiency level: None

Specifications: UK Plug, US Plug, EU Plug, AUT Plug

Brightness: 120

Still Have Questions?

Can I connect my phone to the projector?

Yes, the HomeSyncPro™ Projector is compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

You can connect them via Bluetooth, AirPlay or using the HDMI cable.

Can I use the projector to watch Netflix/Youtube?

Yes, you can! The projector comes with pre-installed streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix and HBO.

You can also download other apps from the app store.

Does it have a speaker?

HomeSyncPro™ comes with a built-in speaker, but you also have the option of connecting an external speaker or plugging in your headphones for an enhanced audio experience. 

Can I use it for gaming?

The projector is compatible with all consoles (PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo). Thanks to its 2.4 and 5G wifi, screen transmission is instantaneous.

Can I connect it to Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Firestick?

Yes - Home Projector is compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Firestick (as well as any other streaming device)!

How can I adjust the focus?

Simply adjust the lever (up or down) next to the lens to find the optimal focal point.

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